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ISORA 2016 Race Schedule RealBoat2016SeriesBookThe offshore racing in the Irish Sea just gets better and by working in partnership with our supporting clubs a great series of races has been designed for 2016 to provide something for everyone’s taste.
In addition to our traditional cross channel ISORA races we have shorter offshore day and night races on both sides of the Irish Sea.

All races are standalone races with good competition for IRC Class 1 and Class 2 boats. We also cater for the cruiser yachts in the keenly contested Silver Fleet and for the brave a two handed class.

Report on Race 4 & 5 – Avery Crest ISORA Offshore Series 2015 – Isle of Man Offshore Weekend.

Race 4 & 5 were part of the Isle of Man Offshore weekend. Race 4, from Holyhead to Douglas, started at 19.20 on Friday evening 22nd May. Race 5 was the return race from Douglas to Dun Laoghaire and started at 06.35 on Sunday 24th May.

AveryCrestTo facilitate the setting up of the race on the YB tracker system, the course had to be set on the previous day. At that stage the forecast for the weekend was bleak. Light northerly winds were forecast for the Friday night and moderate south westerly were forecast for the Sunday. This would provide a beat for the full duration of both races. For this reason the Sailing Committee decided to have the course for both races direct from start to finish. Another complication arose for the Friday evening race. The course took the fleet through the traffic separation zone to the north of Holyhead. To avoid any possible dispute about the use or abuse of this zone, the Sailing Committee decided to treat the zone as an “exclusion zone” for the race.

The start of race 4 in Holyhead was not its usual format as works to the pier prevented the usual starter position at the lighthouse been used. Dawn Russell of Holyhead Sailing Club took control of the committee boat and anchored at the opposite end of the line at the Clippera buoy.

18 boats for the entry list of 20 came to the start line. “Mahalar”, a new entry from Conwy and “Adelie” headed direct to Douglas and did not take part in the race. All boats taking part were fitted with the recently acquired Avery Crest YB Trackers.

IOM15003Wind conditions at the start of Race were very light and there was a strong south going tide ripping across the pier end. The boats bunched on the line struggling to get going. “Sgrech” was the first boat to break out west towards fresher winds and headed on its way towards Carmel Rock and the exclusion zone. Soon after, the fleet started moving. “Jackknife” persisted east and this paid off hugely when they shot up the Carmel Rock in a back eddy while the remainder of the fleet plugged the last of the foul tide.

Avoiding the exclusion zone was not a problem for most of the fleet. It kept them bunched. At this stage the tide has turned and the usual Irish Sea north going tide was now flowing east towards Liverpool pulling the fleet in that direction.

The winds during the night were fluky continually coming and going, backing and veering. By day light, most of the fleet had stayed bunched but some had managed to break away. “Aurelia” appeared to have headed west immediately after the exclusion zone despite plugging the east going tide. This paid dividends as he appeared to cruise to the finish line in Douglas while avoiding the huge holes that laid in wait for most of the fleet. “Jackknife” appeared to have missed the holes as well and crossed the finish line after “Aurelia”.

FrIOM15024ustration awaited the rest of the fleets as the winds died and the boats were being pushed, first east, then west while looking at the Isle of Man and Douglas. After several hours the sea breeze started to fill and one by one the boats bunched out in the Irish Sea started to peel away and head for the finish.

“Aurleia” took Overall and Class 1. Class 2 was taken by our Isle of Man resident, Kuba Szymanski and “Polish manx”. Kuba also took Silver Class.

The fleet were met by the Sea Cadets of Isle of Man who distributed a complimentary hot meal to all the crew while they waited on the Visitors Pontoons for the bridge to rise to access the Inner Harbour. The cadets also arranged a BBQ in Douglas Bay Yacht Club that evening. A special prize giving was also arranged by the cadets – the prizes had little to do with racing!!!

Most of the crew retired reasonably early as the fleet had to vacate the Inner harbour at 05.45 latest on Sunday morning to go to the start for the 06.35 start. A record 22 boats from the 23 entries came to the start. “Mahalar”, who was to race had to pull out of the race and generously acted as Committee boat for the start.

The winds were fresh north westerly, up to 20 knots. This was looking like a “drag race” to Dun Laoghaire as the fleet blasted along the IOM coast and head to seas towards Dun Laoghaire with the ebbing tide.

“Jackknife” led the charge with “Lively Lady” behind along the coast. “Aurelia” took the alternative route, taking a more southerly course. Expectations for a fast race were dashed at Lambay island where another hole waited to trap the then weary fleet. “Jackknife”, who was just a dot on the horizon for most of the race, started to get “bigger”!!! “Lively Lady”, “Ruth” and “Mojito”, who were some distance behind the leader, started to slow. The fleet seeing this attempted to circumnavigate the hole by heading out further to sea. All this was fruitless and the fleet stopped. This was not to be a fast race.

IOM15034Zephyrs eventually started to appear and eventually “Jackknife” broke through the hole and head past Howth head to Dun Laoghaire. “Lively lady” and “Bam” were next to get going and turned into the bay only to smash into what can only be described as a “wind wall”!!! The two boats came to a sudden halt. “Bam” stopped but “Lively Lady”, who was close to “Bam” at that stage, managed to keep momentum and broke through the wall. The wind on the other side of the wind wall was from a directly opposite direction.

Most of the fleet did not witness this strange wind effect. However “Sgrech” who was following did, and tried to take the same route as “Lively Lady”, but to no avail as they also slammed to a halt beside “Bam”. Along came “Ruth” who took a more northerly path around “Bam” and Sgrech” but again slammed into the wall. Next to attempt the wall was “Adelie” – same fate. 2-handed “Jedi “ – same fate. When all chances of getting through the wall appeared to have failed, “Mojito” approached the wall and a door opened and they stalled for a brief moment, sails backed onto the opposite side and they dashed off towards the finish line. Very slowly the remaining boats made their way, tacking and gybing, towards the finish.

“Jackknife” took Overall and Class 1 while “Desert Star” took Class 2 and Silver.

All told, it was a very frustrating, sociable and enjoyable offshore racing weekend.

The tracks of both races can be viewed on the ISORA website www.isora.org or the YB Tracker app.



The Provisional Results are now available for Race 4 and Race 5.

Race 4 - Holyhead to Douglas - Race Winner - Aurelia

Race 5 - Douglas to Dun Laoghaire - Race Winner - Jacknife

Overall Seieies leader for the series after 5 races - Mojito - see the race series table here

Silver Fleet leader (after 5 races) - Windshift - see the table here

Class 1 and Class 2 - (series leaders) published here



Photos in Douglas Yacht Club Prize giving

Sgrech Photos

Wakey Wakey - Video - watch out for the dolphins!

The ISORA Race 4 and 5 is reported in the Irish Times

- more about the racing later!


IMG 0772The Biggest Step for Offshore Racing in Ireland – Avery Crest YB Trackers.

ISORA Avery Crest Offshore Series 2015 – Race 3 – Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead – 9th May 2015.

The Race 3 of the ISORA Avery Crest Offshore Series was very special as it was the first time that an ISORA Race was to be recorded using Yellow Brick (YB) satellite trackers. This huge step for ISORA was facilitated by the generous sponsorship of “Avery Crest Ski Chalets Meribel”. Avery Crest provides luxury quality ski chalets in the best ski resorts in Europe.

Their sponsorship allowed ISORA to acquire YB trackers to be used in all their races in the future. The use of the trackers brings the challenges and progress of offshore racing “right into your sitting room”. In the past the fleet headed off from the start line and disappeared over the horizon, out of sight and unfortunately, out of mind. Now with the superb quality product, YB Trackers, all the boats taking part can be tracked and their progress followed by those left behind. As part of this leading tracking system, people can now download the YB Tracking app and buy the entire ISORA 2015 series of races for €2.99. All races can be replayed and analysed after the race in the comfort of your own home.

The results for Race 3 - Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead are available here

Congratulations Lee Overlay

A replay of the tracker can be seen here

Dear Supporters

As you are aware our main sponsor for this season, Avery Crest, have donated 20 YB trackers to ISORA. This will enable the boats taking part in each race to be tracked on websites and on smart phone apps for greater exposure of ISORA and offshore racing. This is a unique facility and will attract greater media and public attention. The system is used in all the best offshore races such as the Round Ireland, Fastnet, Middle Sea Race etc. For more information on the YB trackers see: https://www.ybtracking.com/

To date ISORA has been run on a voluntary basis with entries covering the prizes and other minimal expenses. With the use of the YB trackers ISORA now have an additional cost to cover the set up of each race by YellowBrick, line rental and data for each of the tracker units. This will amount to approximately £750 (€1,000) for each race.

The opportunity of being given the trackers only arose after the race entry fee for the year were set so we were unable to increase the race entries to cover the running of the trackers. Next year we intend to increase the race entry cost to cover the use of the trackers. To offset this cost this year we are asking supporters of the ISORA to sponsor a race or make a donation to help meet these additional costs. The benefits of such a sponsorship are outlined on the attached document

I am asking you if you or your company could sponsor a race this year. If not, do you have any contacts on companies who might be interested in this sponsorship.

I would be happy to discuss any proposals you might have for this sponsorship.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest.






The results for the Avery Crest ISORA Race 1 & 2 - are available here




The following have registered an entry for one or more races in the 2015 ISORA Avery Crest Race Series



ISORA 2015 IRC 1 = 1.010 or greater (to be confirmed). Class 1 Silver Fleet = Hull Factor 7.8 or less and DLR 220 or greater Class 2 Silver Fleet = Hull Factor 7.8 or less and DLR 200 or greater. Series scored using the High Scoring System, the more difficult races are weighted with a factor of 1.3 for cross channel Races over 80 miles. 1.2 for cross channel races less than 75 miles, 1.1 for the Night Race and 0.9 for a day coastal races. A win in a large fleet will score better than a win in a small fleet using the CHIPS 3 formula.

Produced by Sailwave Scoring Software 2.16.7

Avery Crest Ski sponsor YB tracking system for ISORA

ISORA, organisers of offshore racing in the Irish Sea, with support from sponsors Avery Crest Ski is pleased to announce a breakthrough and significant advancement in making offshore racing visible as a spectator sport. Avery Crest Ski operate luxury ski chalets in Meribel France one of the best ski areas in the world.

ISORA have teamed up with the market leaders in tracking yacht racing, YB Tracking ‘Yellow Brick’, to provide tracking of all of the Irish Sea offshore races in 2015. YB Tracking are responsible for tracking most of the classic and high profile offshore races all over the world.



ISORA Chairman, Peter Ryan said “I am delighted that the ‘ISORA Avery Crest Ski Offshore Series 2015’ can now be followed by our supporters at their yacht clubs, on a computer or even on their smart phones. Spectators will now be able to appreciate our experiences as we race in challenging conditions in keenly fought races as we cross the Irish Sea. This device will also provide us with additional safety information. “

YBlogoEach competing boat will be fitted with a device that will transmit, by satellite, critical boat data including boat speed and position. Followers will provided with a visual representation of the race on a computer generated chart with ‘leader board’ and league table. The tracking will be displayed live on the ISORA web site, www.isora.org and will also be available to replay later after the race.

An ISORA pre-season talk and reception has been arranged for Friday 17th April at 1930hrs in the National Yacht Club, Dún Laoghaire. 

Liam Coyne will talk about preparing for short handed offshore racing and Ed Hill of North Sails will talk about Offshore Tactics & Weather forecasts.

There will be a wine reception after.

All Welcome.


Dear ISORA competitors,

The National Yacht Club is proud to launch the official website of its biennial  offshore race, the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race on www.d2drace.ie

On this website, you will find a wealth of information such as:

  • The history of past winners
  • A recap of the last edition…full results, beautiful pictures, the full race replay from the trackers
  • The official documents (NOR, Safety checklist etc etc) for 2015!
  • The online entry facility and list of competitors for 2015!
  • Great ways to follow the race (Afloat news, twitter, trackers for 2015 including on mobile phone application!)
  • Facilities to post crew wanted / available posts, car sharing ads, all sort of great practical info and tools!

The National Yacht Club’s Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race now has a new home!!!

I hope that you will find the website useful and I invite you to give me your feedback…


Hope to see many of you on the start line on Friday 12th June at 21:00

Best regards

Olivier Prouveur
Sailing Manager
National Yacht Club
Dun Laoghaire
Tel: +353 1 280 5725
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richardson of Holyhead, who died last month aged 89, played a key role in the Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association during the Golden Age of distance racing in the area during the 1970s. Yet although he was best known as one of the moving spirits in the formation of ISORA in 1971, there was much more to him than this.

Read More on the Afloat web site here

The offshore racing in the Irish Sea just gets better and by working in partnership with our supporting clubs a great series of races has been designed for 2015 to provide something for everyone’s taste.
We have shorter offshore day and night races on both sides of the Irish Sea. A series of traditional ISORA races and we have also combined with classic races including the Liverpool Yacht Club Lyver Trophy race, in association with Royal Dee Yacht Club and RORC, and the D2D Dún Laoghaire to Dingle 270 mile race.
All races are standalone races with good competition for IRC Class 1 and Class 2 boats. We also cater for the cruiser yachts in the keenly contested Silver Fleet and for the brave a two handed class.

There is a great article in the Irish Times about the fantastic Ruth win in the ISORA 2014 series culminating in the AGM and Prize Giving Party on 15th November.


Read the full article here.

ISORA Dinner at the NYC 15th November 2014.

ISORA held its annual Prize giving dinner dance at the NYC on Saturday 15th November. 171 members and guests packed into the dining room of the club to be treated to a most superb night’s dining and entertainment.

ISORA’s guests at the event were Larry Power, Commodore of the National Yacht Club, Derek Matthews, Commodore of the Royal Dee Yacht Club and Barry MacNeaney, Commodore of the Royal Alfred Yacht Club.

The ISORA annual general meeting (AGM) is on 15th November at 15.00 at the National Yacht Club Dún Laoghaire

The Agenda is available here and the Draft 2015 Race Schedule as a discussion document for the AGM is available here

Items for AOB to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.