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ISORA Scoring System - AnExplanation

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30th April - ISORA (Qualifying Race - Weighting 1.1) Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead (57 miles)

Sailing Instructions: Race 1 Info, 2011 ISORA Sailing Instructions

7th May - ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Nt. Arklow Cardinal Day Race (50 miles)

Sailing Instructions: Race 2 Info, 2011 ISORA Sailing Instructions

14th May - ISORA Day race in Pwllheli

28th May - ISORA (Qualifying Race - Weighting 1.2) Pwllheli to Wicklow – (75 miles)

11th – 14th  June - The Dingle Skellig Hotel Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race (Qualifying Race- Weighting 1.5) (270 miles) Qualifying Race for Rolex Fastnet Race.

1st July - ISORA / Lyver Race – 100 miles (Qualifying Race - Weighting 1.3) Holyhead to Howth (Feeder Race) Qualifying Race for Rolex Fastnet Race

17th July - ISORA Day race in Pwllheli

22nd  July - ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay  (Qualifying Race - Weighting 1.1) Night Race to Nt. India (35 miles)

14th August - ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Sunday Day Race start & finish Dun Laoghaire (35 miles)

3rd September - ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Day Race to M2 (54 miles)

10th September - ISORA James Eadie (Qualifying Race - Weighting 1.2) Pwllheli to Howth.  (80 Miles)

Sailing Instructions : Race 11 Info 2011 ISORA Sailing Instructions

Provisional Entries: Race 11 James Eadie Race Entries

Overall Series:

To win the overall ISORA series for the Wolf’s Head Trophy boats must complete 4 of the 6 “qualifying”. Points for the overall series will then be taken from the best 5 results from all the  races completed.

Prizes will be awarded for a separate series to include all races in the schedule’


Ladies & Gents, 

The the spring has come and the days are getting longer. It is now time to be thinking about offshore racing again. The first race is on the 30th April from Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead. 

I attach again the latest Race Schedule, Notice of Race, Conditions and Entry Form for 2011. I also attach details of the proposed "Offshore Introduction" night for offshore racing on the 7th April. Even if you are experienced, you can add to the proceedings or just come for the reception after. 

There is an extensive list of eleven races in the schedule. The types of race vary greatly to give a variety of racing experiences. There are Day Races, Night Races, Short Cross Channel Races, Medium Cross Channel Races, 100 mile Lyver Trophy Race and “The Dingle Skellig Hotel D2D” – Dingle Race. There is racing for IRC, IRC No Spinnaker and 2-handed classes. 

This season, if the number of entries permits, we will be running a Classic Class in both Class 1 & 2. The boats eligible for the Classic Classes will be selected by the Sailing Committee before the start of the first race and the selection will be based on the boats performance / capability during the previous season. It is hoped that this will provide a much greater spread of prizes. The rating break for Class 1 and Class 2 will be decided at the same time. 

The Race schedule has been carefully selected to ensure the maximum amount of sailing and social life is obtained. The usual “get together” will take place before and after each race. This season we have some additional attractions: 

  • If desired, the race on the 28th May from Pwllheli to Wicklow can be followed by boats taking part in the “Turbine Race” (see ) on Sunday 29th. This race starts and finishes in Arklow, 10 miles from Wicklow. This will allow the usual “get together” in Wicklow on Saturday evening and another one in Arklow on Sunday after the Turbine Race. This is the UK Bank Holiday weekend and will allow the UK boats time to return home on Monday!!
  • As is normal practice, all boats taking part in the RAYC / Lee Overlay Offshore Series races must make a seperate entry to the RAYC. (See
  •  After taking part in the “Dingle Skellig Hotel D2D Dingle Race” (see ) on the 11th June. Please note that a second seperate entry to the NYC is required if taking part in this race in the series. After a few relaxing nights in Dingle, you can wander around to take part in the “ICRA Championships” (see )in Crosshaven before making your way to Kinsale for the “Sovereign’s Cup” (see ). The Dingle Race is a qulaifier race for the Fastnet Race.
  •  The Lyver Race on the 1st July is a Feeder Race to the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta from the 7th-10th July – a great few days sailing in Dublin Bay. (See ). This race is a RORC qualifier for the Fastnet Race. Again, seperate entry is required for the Liverpool Yacht Club sections of the event. (See )
  • The Sunday Race on the 14th August will take place directly after the start of the Solitaire du Figaro fleet from Dun Laoghaire. If possible we will set a course to follow the fleet down the coast. For visiting boats to Dun Laoghaire, the Figaro fleet will arrive in Dun Laoghaire on the Wednesday 10th August and there will be a festival in Dun Laoghaire for the couple of days to celebrate the event. There will be great craic in Dun Laoghaire for those days. (See ) 

You may not have noticed but the ISORA website  has been upgraded and will become very active this year. There is a “Crew Register” and a “Buy and Sell” section in the “Forum” page. I would encourage everyone to register for this facility and use it to get crew for races or for crew to get boats. Try the website out!!!! 

The “ISORA Introductory Evening” in the NYC on the 7th April. The purpose of this is to encourage those boats who are thinking of taking part in Offshore Racing by a series of talks about what is involved in this type of racing. I will also use this session to demonstrate the use of the new website’s “Crew Register”. I also hope to issue detailed instructions by email on the use of this facility. The session will be followed by a reception where people can solialise and relax. "Prof" O'Connell and Mick Liddy will be talking at the event. I will also be encouraging participation from the audience. It will be a great night so please come and bring a "friend". To get some handle on numbers interested in attending, I would appreciate a RSVP, please!!  

I look forward to receiving your entries very soon. I would appreciate it if you could also spread the good news about ISORA and Offshore Racing

For any queries, contact the NYC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or my mobile +00353 87 2545037. 

I have some unclaimed prizes for the following: Legally Blonde, September Song, Temper Tantrum and Oystercatcher - these are in the NYC for collection. As well as those I have unclaimed prizes for GFT Adventurer, Tigh Solas, Madan Wen, Mistral of St. Helier. If these boast are entered in the first race to Holyhead, I will bring them over with me.

Peter Ryan
Chairman ISORA

 Race Schedule Final Rev A
ISORA NOR & Conditions 2011 Final Rev B
ISORA EntryForm 2011 Final Rev B
ISORA Talk 2011

30th April – ISORA (Qualifying Race – Weighting 1.1) Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead (57 miles)

Report on Race 1 – Dun Laoghaire –M2 –Holyhead
30th April 2011.

Despite Royal Weddings, Leinster playing in the rugby semi-final, not a great weather forecast etc etc, 21starters from an entry list of 23 boats came to the start line at the East Mark in Scotsman’s Bay on Saturday. The only new boat in the race was “Sgrech”, a J109 owned by our ISORA Hon Secretary, Stephen Tudor. Stephen had sailed his J92 in the series for the last few years.

The first duty on the day was to decide the break for the Classes. This could only be done when all the rating information had been submitted. We first considered that the break would be 1.029 and this would put “Raging Bull” in Class 1 and the two J109's in Class 2. However, “Raging Bull” came in at 1.027, between the J109's. It made no sense to have one J109 in Class 1 and the other in Class 2. The Sailing Committee had been toying with the idea of a Silver Fleet. However, when the above conundrum came to light it was felt that having a Class 3 would solve both problems. The break for Class 3 is 0.999 or lower. The break for Class 1 is 1.040 or higher.

The forecast for the day was for north-east winds going east, force 5-6 occasionally 7. This would produce a beat to M2 and, if the wind remained north-east, a long leg short leg beat to Holyhead. At the start the wind was 12-14kts east. About 1 mile from the line the wind dropped to 8kts or less and rotated. The fleet bobbed on the lumpy sea for nearly an hour. This experience upset many of the sailors who were on their first race of the season and whose “sea legs” had not kicked in!!

As suddenly as it disappeared, the wind rose and within minutes was up at 22kts north-east. It continued to grow and was a steady 24-26kts occasionally gusting to 28kts – exactly as forecast. It was a long hard wet beat to M2.

Last year’s ISORA Champion “Raging Bull” was the first to round with “Aztec 3” close behind followed by “Tsunami” and flowed closely by “Sgrech”. These boats remained within close contact for the fetch to Holyhead. The weather and other reasons forced many boats to retire.

Only 12 boats crossed the line at Holyhead with “Raging Bull” crossing first at 18.42 while the last boat crossed at 02.23.

“Raging Bull” took 1st overall and Class 2, “Tsunami” took 1st Class 1 and “Mojito” took 1st Class 3.

As usual a great social gathering, arranged by Dawn Russell of HSC, took place in Holyhead despite everyone being exhausted.

The next race is a combined ISORA / RAYC Day race on the 7th May down to the North Arklow buoy and back to Dun Laoghaire. I ask those ISORA boats taking part in this race to also enter the Royal Alfred / Lee Overlay Series. This series is sponsored by Adrian Lee of Lee Overlay Partnership and the entry fee is very nominal. Details on


For photographs by Sailpix Click the following link:

Photographs by Cathy Mullan

[nggallery id=9]



7th May – ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Nt. Arklow Cardinal Day Race (50 miles)


(Chart indicates possible course)




It had been hoped that there would be a bumper fleet out for this popular day race run in conjunction with the Royal Alfred Yacht Club and the Lee Overlay Offshore Series but despite 25 entries, only 15 came to the start line. The heavy offshore race to Holyhead and delivery back the previous weekend and the strong winds all the week since then, had taken its toll with damage to boats and crew and boats not being to get to Dun Laoghaire.

The weather forecast for the day was for wind force 3-5 south east going east. The original course was to go south to North Arklow buoy. However, with the strong spring tides going north at the start and the light winds forecast, the Sailing Committee decided that going north to Rockabill would ensure a finish would be achieved to all boats. The course was: Start – North Burford(P) – Lambay (P) – Rockabill (S) – Lambay (S) – Kish Light (S) – Finish at Dun Laoghaire Harbour (45 miles).

Paul McCarthy of the RAYC provided the start at 10.00 and the fleet set off on a white sail reach towards North Burford. The wind was as forecast, south east force 3-4. Rounding that mark, spinnakers were raised and the fleet sped north with the tide. Shorthy after 12.00 “Lively Lady” rounded Rockabill followed by “English Mick”, “Orna” and directly behind her “Tsunami”.

The leg back to Kish was a beat keeping Lambay to starboard. The wind fluctuated with the stronger wind being out to sea. Most boats tacked behind Lambay to get the benefit of some lack tides in the lee of the island.

The wind was holding as the fleet neared Kish. First round was “Lively Lady” followed by “English Mick”, “Tsunami”, “Orna” and “Jedi”. As forecast the wind backed to east and dropped. What was looking like a charge to the finish turned out to be a crawl. Many of the boats at the back of the fleet gained by a temporary filling of the wind from behind as they caught up with the leading pack. However, “Lively Lady” and “English Mick” held their positions and crossed the line first and second. “Jedi” and “Orna” crept past “Tsunami” to cross the finish.

“Lively Lady” took line honours, 1st in Class and 1st Overall. “Jedi” took 1st in Class 2 while “Walter Mitty” won Class 3.

Sandra Moore of the NYC provided the finish. The usual après sail took place in the NYC after the race.

The next race is the Day Race in Pwllheli on the 14th May. It is hoped that the day race there will attract some new entrants from the Welsh side.

 For Results Click the following links:





General Photographs by Cathy Mullan:

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Finish Photographs by Michael Horgan:

[nggallery id=10]


14th MayISORA Day race in Pwllheli

This was a fantastic advert for offshore racing with something for everyone and a little of everything.

The forecast was for a 4 to 5 NW with WNW later and the scenic, triangular 40 mile course was set with a start from the CHPSC bridge and a short close reach to PSC 2. We then had a long (11miles) white sail reach to the Causeway cardinal buoy. The fleet at this point was bunched together with Xpletive slightly ahead but Mojito and Wennol III looking good.

The 11 mile beat to Gwylan Islands was challenging and the crew on Sgrech making the best of the upwind leg getting to the Islands well ahead of the fleet.

Then the start of the downwind spinnaker leg with what was billed as an exciting 15 miles of fast and furious not going to plan. A squall came through at Cilan Headland and caught Sgrech with her spinnaker up on the outside track. This squall brought a new head wind and allowed white sailed Xpletive to take an inside track to take the lead.

Early problems with Mojito’s spinnaker allowed Wennol III through to third place at Cilan. Wennol III spotted the squall and wisely doused her spinnaker early and closed up on the leaders.

The wind backed and allowed a close reach for the finish with Expletive taking line honours closely followed by Sgrech with her a-sail closing the gap.

New to ISORA, Nanuaq, a Moody 38s thoroughly enjoyed the racing and they are now looking forward to the Pwllheli to Wicklow race on Saturday 28th May (and the party in Wicklow after racing).




28th May – ISORA (Qualifying Race – Weighting 1.2) Pwllheli to Wicklow – (75 miles)

Report on Race 4 – Pwllheli to Wicklow Race

The weather was not fair for boats considering the delivery to Pwllheli for the start of the race. Gales for days before had taken its toll on some proposed entrants. A weather window opened early on the Friday morning allowing most boats to head to Pwllheli. However, this window closed later that day causing at least one boat to turn back. Another clash with a “rugby match” also took its toll on entrants. As a result only 13 boats came to the start on Saturday morning.

The weather forecast for much of the UK and Ireland was terrible for Saturday. However, on Friday night “Windfinder” weather website was showing a band of slacker winds extending from Holyhead down to Milford Haven and extending across to Wicklow – perfect for the race!! Confidence in the weather forecast quickly eroded as crew arose on Saturday morning to the sound of strong winds whistling through the rigging of boats in the marina.

The weather forecast in the “favoured band” for the day was for wind 15-20 knots south-west going west. The original course was PSC No.3 (P) - Causeway (S) – Bardsey (S) – North India (P) and to the finish in Wicklow. However, with the strong winds in the area and the likelihood of a beat for most of the course, the Sailing Committee decided to eliminate Causeway and the shorten the last leg by rounding South India instead of North India.

The race started at 08.15 with a beat to PSC No.3 and continuing with a beat to Bardsey. The wind had dropped as forecast and varied from 15-20 knots but the seas were particularly bad at St. Tudwal’s Island and at Bardsey.

“Sgrech” was the first to round Bardsey followed by “Tsunami” and closely followed by “Aztex” and “Jedi”. The leg to South India was a tight reach and the wind continued to rise and fall between 10 and 20 knots, but stayed in the south-west. “English Mick” rounded South India followed by “Tsunami” and it was a full beat against the tide to the finish. Followed closely behind “Tsunami” in a bunch was “Raging Bull”, Aztec”, “Jedi” and “Sgrech”. Behind this came the next closely bunched “Lula Belle”, “Mojito” and Dinah”. The remaining boats came to the finish also in a bunch.

“Raging Bull” took 1st in Class 2 and 1st Overall. “Sgrech” took 2nd in Class 2 and 2nd Overall while “Aztec” took 3rd in Class 2 and 3rd Overall. See below for the full results.

On the social side, a great night was had in Pwllheli on the Friday. A busy Wicklow Sailing Club also provided a BBQ for the finishers.

The boats that made the start were rewarded with fine weather and great close sailing within the Classes.

For full results of Race 4 and the Series after four Races, click on the links below:






 Photographs from the Start:

[nggallery id=13]

 Photographs from a starting boat (Cathy Mullan):

[nggallery id=12]

11th – 14th  June – The Dingle Skellig Hotel Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race (Qualifying Race- Weighting 1.5) (270 miles) Qualifying Race for Rolex Fastnet Race

1st July – ISORA / Lyver Race – 100 miles (Qualifying Race – Weighting 1.3) Holyhead to Howth (DL Regatta Feeder Race) Qualifying Race for Rolex Fastnet Race

(Chart indicates possible course)

Report on Race 6 – Lyver Race – Holyhead to Howth

1st July 2011.

Following very closely after the Dingle Race, ICRA Nationals in Crosshaven and the Sovereign’s Cup in Kinsale, it was understandable that the numbers of ISORA boats taking part in the Lyver Race was small. The “grim” forecast of no wind did not encourage any boats to take part either. Never the less, five ISORA boats joined the 10 other boats and came to the start shortly after 19.00 on Friday the 1st July.

In view of the forecast the Sailing Committee shortened the race to the minimum requirements of RORC to qualify for the Fastnet Race – 75 miles. The time limit for the race was 24 hours after the start. With little wind at the start, and a north going tide just starting, they chose a “waypoint” just south of the Isle of Man as the turning mark and then to Howth.

This decision turned out to be inspired. The little wind there was there at the start was from the north-west so the first leg was a beat to the waypoint. Those boats who took the north leg from the start shot away in the tide while the others appeared to remain static in Holyhead Bay. The forecast was for the wind to veer around to the south later.

All through the night the winds were very fickle and boats had the chase constantly fluctuating breezes. Despite the little wind, it held for most of the night. At day break the wind started to pick up from the forecasted South and boats popped their kites and headed for the waypoint. There was a great gathering of boats at the waypoint with 12 boats visible around the waypoint.

The next leg to Howth was a white sail reach. This turned out to be an intensive chase with the J111 “Arabella” taking the lead followed by two Prima 38’s, Stephen Tudor’s “Sgrech” and Matt Davis’s “ Raging Bull”. The wind from the south increased in strength as the fleet approached Howth.

While “Arabella” took line honours, it only managed to take 2nd place overall. “Sgrech” took 1st place and “Raging Bull” took 3rd place. All the boats that had not retired, managed to complete the course within the time limit.

The boats taking part in the race were fitted with trackers. The progress of the race can be followed by clicking the following link:

The prize-giving took place in Howth Yacht Club on Saturday evening.


Race 6 Overall 
Race 6 Class
Series Overall after 6 races
Series Class after 6 races



17th July – ISORA Day race in Pwllheli.

Report on Race 7 – Pwllheli Day Race – King Constantine Cup

17th July 2011.

Three ISORA boats braved the elements to compete in the 2011 King Constantine Cup which also incorporated race No.7 in the ISORA Series.

The race started with a 20 knot westerly wind which built to over 30 knots.

“Sgrech” was first at the West End Buoy (PSC2) and hoisted her spinnaker on the reach to the Causeway Cardinal Buoy. The decision to change down to a white sail was made by a slipped tack line followed by (another) broach and then disaster as the spinnaker ripped apart followed by a rip in the main sail!

“Nanuq” on her second ISORA outing retired with equipment damage.

“Mojito” sailed a safe race and was the first boat to finish ahead of Sgrech who completed the race under headsail only.

“Mojito” is the 2011 King Constantine race winner and is now 1st in ISORA Class 3 and 3rd overall. “Sgrech” holds on to the 1st Overall position but the hunt for the overall Wolf's Head Trophy is still wide open as the results of the last few races and discards kick in.

Results: ISORArace7ResultsAllClasses 

22nd  July – ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay  (Qualifying Race – Weighting 1.1) Night Race to Nt. India (35 miles)

Report on Race 8 – Night Race – Dun Laoghaire to North India Buoy.
22nd July 2011.

Despite the weather forecast indicating very little wind the RAYC and ISORA Sailing Committees decided to stick with the planned course - Dun Laoghaire - Muglins (S) - North India Buoy - (P) - Muglins (P) - Dun Laoghaire. Approx 35 miles.

 The tide was favourable for the start with three hours left of south going tide. The wind at the start was south-east, 8-10 knots, despite the forecast for north west, This gave a beat to Muglins and on to North India. "Tsunami" and "Jedi" broke from the start and led the fleet of 15 boats out of Dublin bay.

The wind remained steady for much of the beat to North India but as the leaders were within 5 miles on North India the wind decreased and, for a short time, there was no wind. "Tsunami" had gained a strong lead at this point but this was reduced when the forecasted north-west wind filled in and the fleet moved again, starting at the back. At this stage the tide had turned and progress for the last few miles to North India was slow.

"Tsunami" again rounded the North India first with a bunch of six boats close behind. The new wind gave a beat back to the Muglins and the finish. The winds also freshened 10-15 knots but decreased again to 8-10 knots as the fleet approached the finish at the mouth of Dun Laoghaire harbour.

 "Tsunami" took line honours followed by "Jedi" and "English Mick". However, "Lula Belle" took the Overall and Class 2 win with "Tsunami" taking 2nd overall and Class 1 win. "Jedi" took 3rd overall and 2nd Class 2. "Mojito" won Class 3.

 Things are hotting up for the Overall Series - Wolf's Head. There are several boats that have the trophy in their sights with all depending on the last three races.

 The next race is on the Sunday 14th August, immediately after the start of the "La Solitaire du Figaro" from Dun Laoghaire. It is hoped to follow the "Figaro" fleet and use this as a "Family day". It is hoped that other Dublin Bay and visitor boats will join in the race and be there for the start of the "Figaro" leg. More about this later this week.

 I hope to see you all on the 14th August.

ISORA Race8 Results Per Classe
ISORA Overall After 8 Races
ISORA Overall Per Class After 8 Races

 Comments on the race from Brian Berry "Lascar", a recent newcomer to ISORA:

A very enjoyable night out. We were becalmed off Kilcoole with the GPS indicating Zero and were contemplating the anchor but happily Moulditch Buoy was visible and provided a shore transit that showed we were moving at about 10 ft/min, slow but moving in the right direction. That lasted about 20mins and then up came a light northerly so Genny poled out and off we went at a moderate pace. The Spinny was up 15mins later and we bowled into North India at about 6kts SOG. Great stuff, made up for taking over 6hrs to travel 17 miles!

The beat back was straightforward but I think we should have gone way beyond the Kish before tacking in, there were arguments about the contrary effects of Dublin Bay tides "far-out" and "close-in" that may have slowed us down beating from the Muglins to DL, I don't know. Are there any stream charts relating to the Bay that could be usefully added to the armoury (none of us has ever raced in the Bay before)?


3rd September – ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Day Race to M2 (54 miles)

(Chart indicates possible course)

Report on Race 10 – M2 Day Race

Thirteen boats from an entry list of 24 came to the start line for the race. Due to the forecast of light winds on the day it was decided to change the course and to go to Rockabill instead.

The course was from the start to round Rockabill to starboard and back to the finish at the mouth of Dun Laoghaire Harbour – 38 miles. The length of the original course to the M2 was 54 miles. To make the race more tactical, Ireland’s Eye and Lambay were not marks on the course.

The start was provided by Larry Power of the NYC at the DBSC Pier mark. The wind at that time was south west and was gusting up to 25knots. This sent the fleet, most with spinnakers, charging towards the Bailey. It was not long before the wind decreased to 10-12 knots and veered to west.

“Tsunami” led the charge off the line but it was not long before “Lively Lady” took up poll position which she held for the remainder of the race. The fleet split as it approached Lambay. Those boats that chose to go inside the island went onto white sails while the boats that stayed outside could hold their spinnakers. There did not appear to be an advantage to either side of the island.

The fleet stayed well bunched at it approach Rockabill with “Lively Lady” rounding first followed by “English Mick” and “Jedi”. On the return leg the wind decreased further to 8-10 knots from the west. Again the decision was whether to hold the spinnaker for the tight reach and what side of Lambay to go. “Lively Lady” who was leading the fleet again went inside while most of the fleet remained outside the island. This time however, there appeared to be an advantage as “Lively Lady” pulled further in front.

Passing Howth Head and approaching the finish, the wind got even more fickle. As the lead boats entered Dublin Bay the wind backed the south west giving abeat to the finish. However, there was no stopping “Lively Lady” who took line honours and first in Class 1 and Overall. “Tsunami” took 2nd place in Class 1 while “African Challenge” took 3rd in Class 1. “Jedi” took 1st place in Class 2 and 2nd Overall. “Adelie” took 1st in Class 3 and 3rd overall.

The finish was provided by Martin Lawless on the NYC.

The next race is on the 10th September, the “James Eadie Race” from Pwllheli to Howth.








10th September – ISORA James Eadie (Qualifying Race – Weighting 1.2) Pwllheli to Howth.  (80 Miles)


(Chart indicates possible course)

 Race 11 James Eadie Race Entries

Race 11 Info 2011 ISORA Sailing Instructions

Report on Race 11 – Pwllheli to Howth – James Eadie Race
10th September 2011.

The weather affected what is normally the most popular race of the series, the James Eadie race from Pwllheli to Howth. The severe weather forecast put many boats off travelling to Pwllheli. Some even turned back during the delivery to Pwllheli.

Only nine boats from an entry list of 25 came to the start line for the race. Due to the severe weather forecast it was decided that it would be prudent to shorten the race as much as possible and to change the course to go directly to Dun Laoghaire instead. This gave a course of 74 miles. In view of the overfalls off Bardsey Island, it was decided to remove Bardsey as a mark on the course.

The start was provided by Richard Tudor of the PSC. The wind at that time was southerly and was a steady 25knots. The first leg to St Tudwals was a tight fetch. The fleet encountered the first of the bad overfalls exiting through St. Tudwals sound. The next leg to Bardsey Sound was a tight reach. With the island blanketing the wind, conditions in the Sound were surprisingly tame. “Tsunami” was the first boat through the Sound and they cracked off to a beam reach to Dun Laoghaire.

The wind was building all the time during the race. The winds, on the reach to Dun Laoghaire, were a steady 30+ knots with gusts up to 40 knots. While the race was not a tactical challenge, steering the boat through the rogue waves kept the helms on their toes. With the exception of one boat who ventured a spinnaker, all the boats knuckled down and rode out the weather using white sails.

“Tsunami” led the fleet for most of the race taking line honours. They finished race in approximately eight and a half hours. The remainder of the fleet all finished within 75 minutes. “Tsunami” was pipped for first place by one minute by “Sgrech” and had to settle for 2nd Overall. “Raging Bull” took third place overall, 30 seconds behind “Tsunami”. Class 3 was won by “Mojito” who also took 4th Place Overall.

“Raging Bull” and Matt Davis are the ISORA Overall Champions and the winners of the coveted Wolf’s Head Trophy. They retained their ISORA Champion title for the second year in succession.

The finish was provided by Ronan Kieran of the NYC.

The prizes for the series will be presented at the ISORA Annual Prize Giving Dinner to be held in the NYC on the 19th November.

Earlier that day the AGM will be held to decide the race schedule for the 2012 series. Chairman, Peter Ryan has requested suggestions for the race schedule and has promised a change to the race schedule. He has indicated that the use of coordinate waypoints as marks on the course would allow for a more varied course and would eliminate the long reaching legs that can occur using navigational marks. There have also been invitations from Milford Haven, Arklow and Liverpool Yacht Club to join with them in races as part of the series.

Race 11 James Eadie Race Results

For OVERALL results click on the following links:


"Raging Bull", Matt Davis retained his title of ISORA Offshore Champion for the second year in succession after the last race. "Sgrech", Stephen Tudor took second place overall while "Tsunami" took third overall.

For full details and Overall results click the following link

The ISORA prize giving took place at the National Yacht Club on the 19th November.

The ISORA Offshore Champion for 2011 is Matt Davis "Raging Bull"


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The 2010 results are available here

Overall Winner Raging Bull - Matt Davies






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The Association is run by volunteers for the benefit of competitors by working in partnership with boat owners, crew, yacht and sailing clubs, other associations and the governing bodies for boating in Ireland, Wales and the UK.