ISORA Chairmen

1973       Dr. J. C. Richardson.

RealBoats1977       Mr. G. R. Haggas.

1982       Dr. A. L. Stead.

1985       Mr. C. M. Hill

1987       Mr. B. J. Cox.

1991       Mr. A. J. M. Jones.

1997       Mr. A. Hall.

2002       Mr. M. P. B. Horgan.

2003       Mr. J. W. Rose.

2007       Mr. P. D. Ryan.


ISORA Hon. Secretaries

This list is not complete additional information awaited.

? - 1972   Frank Drabble

1973-75   Mr Bert Whitehead 

1976-82   Mr David. F. Bradley

1983-91   Miss J Scott (Hon. Assistant Secretary since 1973)

1991-97   Gerry Williams

1997/02   Gwen Williams

2002/03   Rownan Kieran

2003/10   Guy Rose

2010/      Stephen Tudor


ISORA Hon. Treasurers

1976/76  Dr A. L. Stead

1976/82  Mr Peter. H. Gray

1983/85   Mr David. F. Bradley

1986/91   Mr N. J. Thistleton

1991/94   Andrew Hall 

1994/97   Peter Ryan

1997/03   Gerry Williams

2003/08   John Rose

2008/10   Peter Ryan

2010/16   Vincent Farrell

2016/22   StephenTudor

2022/         Grainne Ryan




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The Association is run by volunteers for the benefit of competitors by working in partnership with boat owners, crew, yacht and sailing clubs, other associations and the governing bodies for boating in Ireland, Wales and the UK.