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The 2017 'Notice of Race' is published here and please note Amendment 1, 2, 3 & 4 below



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Amendment 4: Group 3 Sailors

The 'Group 3' sailors are redefined as 'ISORA Group 3' - Group 3 sailors are persons who are paid to sail on boats competing in an ISORA race (reasonable expenses allowed. This amends the 'ISORA 2017 Notice of Race and General Conditions'

Explanation: Following the instructions received at the AGM on this matter and in keeping with the Spirit of ISORA,  the definition provided by World Sailing for Group 3 has been considered by most skippers to be overly onerous and potentially detrimental to the growth and advancement of ISORA.

dated  21st April 2017



Amendment 3: Class splits (Applies to all races in 2017 Series)

The Class split for the 2017 ISORA Series will be as follows

  • IRC 0 = 1.030 or greater. Class 0
  • IRC 1 = 1.000 to 1.029. Class 1
  • IRC 2 = 0.999 or less.  Class 2

dated  21st April 2017


Amendment 2:

The 2017 Coastal Series (Day Races) will be Category 4

This amends the Notice of Race 1.2 and 2.1

dated 11th April 2017


Amendment 1:

The 2017 Series will be scored using the 'ISORA ECHO' in addition to the ICR and NHC

This amends the Notice of Race 4, 9 and 11

dated 11th April 2017



The ISORA 2017 Race Schedule has been published and is avaiolable here

RSSlogolink to AFLOAT RSS news feedThe ISORA 2017 Race Programme is published and available here.

This news has also been published in the Y&Y here and in AFLOAT here

IRClogoPlease see the Notice issued by RORC Rating Office regarding the Spinnaker Luff

Please contact us if you have any questions or see the the online article by RORC here

20161113 G5674606Stephen Tudor and the Sgrech team receiving the overall championship trophy - the RDYC Wolf's Head Trophy'ISORA is at the cutting edge of race management' said ISORA Chairman Peter Ryan in the 2016 ISORA AGM which was held in the National Yacht Club, Dún Laoghaire on Saturday 12th November.

At the AGM it was agreed that the ISORA 2017 race schedule would star the Classic 'D2D ~ Volvo Dun Laoghaire to Dingle' Race in June.

Another big feature of the 2017 race series is the 'RORC/Liverpool and Royal Dee Yacht Clubs' Lyver Trophy' race will form part of the Royal Dee Yacht Club's Offshore Championship with the coastal races in the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta in July whilst the race from Dun Laoghaire to Pwllheli would be a great feeder race for the IRC Welsh National Championships hosted in Pwllheli in August.

The AGM also confirmed the use of auto helms in ISORA races and that the race schedule is designed to encourage new participants into the Irish Sea offshore scene from both sides of the channel with two coastal series and a good mix of race ports. Peter also confirmed that 'Virtual marks, combined with the latest Avery Crest YB Trakers would provide exciting and imaginative courses which could also feature virtual start lines and finishes'

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Glenua & Friends
Rolex Middle Sea Race 2015
How Malahide Father & Son Won the Double-handed Division
Dermot Cronin
Thursday 13 October 2016
At 20:00
Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend
Entry €5 (in aid of RNLI)

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The survey is now CLOSED - (0000 hrs Tuesday 25th October)


The ISORA annual general meeting (AGM) is on 12th November at 15.00 at the National Yacht Club Dún Laoghaire. The AGM Agenda is available on the ISORA web site. Items for the AOB should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

L C Tyres - Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire

Amendment 2

The course has been published as follows:

Start - as defined in the SI's
PSC 2 (P) - 52º 52.400'N 04º 25.580'W This is a yellow racing mark.
Finish - as defined in the SI's

The last race of the AveryCrest 2016 ISORA series, the “LC Tyres James Eadie Race”, takes place on Saturday 10th September from Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire,  a distance of about 75 miles. As happened in the last two years this very popular race has been hampered by bad weather forecast. While the forecast for the race promises to be “champagne sailing”, weather for the delivery of Irish boat to Pwllheli and the return of the UK boats after the race is less attractive.

AS the series is scored using the High Point system, this race is critical for four boats, any of whom can win the overall Avery Crest ISORA Championship and be celebrating in the NYC after the race.

Competitors and shore crew are now trying to work out the permutations of who could win and what margin they require to win the Overall Championship for the Woolf’s Head, Class 1, Class 2 and the Silver Fleet. To work out the possibilities and understand the complex tactics during the race the competitors and tacticians on-board will be looking closely at the points each boat will achieve from the scoring system for finishing positions in the race.

The following is an overview of the bespoke scoring system that ISORA has successfully used since 2011 to reflect the varying fleet sizes and to reflect the difficulty difference between races.

Report on Race 12 – LC Tyres James Eadie Race – “The Decider” for ISORA Series

Read a report in AFLOAT here
The Results are Published here

The last race of the 2016 Averycrest ISORA Offshore Series took place yesterday, 10th September. The race was the “LC Tyres James Eadie Race” from Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire – 75 miles. This is a long standing race in the ISORA calendar. It was originally run from Abersoch to Dun Laoghaire.

What made this race special was that four boats, twice ISORA Champion Liam Shanahan’s “Ruth”, Peter Dunlop’s “Mojito”, Chris Power-Smith’s “Aurelia” and Stephen Tudor’s “Sgrech” all stood to win the overall championship with a good performance in the race.

SgrechEven in the past when starter numbers were low, this race attracted the best turnout. A week before the race 26 of the 34 entrants confirmed that they intended racing. However, as happened for the previous two years, bad weather for the deliveries wrecked the intended start numbers.

Despite the bad weather forecast for Irish boats delivering to Pwllheli before the race and UK boats returning to UK ports after the race, 14 boats came to the start line at the bridge at the old Pwllheli Sailing Club premises. Unfortunately “Ruth” had to pull out of the race at the last minute.

Strangely, with very bad weather forecast for the day before the race and the day after the race, the forecast for the start of the race was for little wind. There was to be fluky conditions in the morning with a south westerly winds filling in around mid-afternoon and building.

IrishCoastal“Aurelia” wins the Viking Marine / RAYC Coastal Series. “Flashback” wins ISORA Coastal Race ISORA / RAYC “Irish Hospital Supplies Ltd” Day race decides the Viking Marine / RAYC Coastal Series 2016

The ISORA / RAYC Irish Hospital Supplies Day race was the concluding race in the Viking Marine / RAYC Coastal Series and was also the feeder race to the Greystones Regatta. It took place on Saturday 27th August.

Pwllheli ISORA P2P Coastal Day Race

With a forecast of 5 kts easterlies decaying to just 2-3kts from the north, it was decided that a shortening of the course would occur at the Fairway Mark,  if the first finisher passed after 1500.
The day dawned brightly, and with a smaller  than expected fleet milling around the start  line, Robin Evan started the fleet for a windward leg to number 10. This small number didn't stop a "competitive" start between  Jackknife and Sgrech! We enjoyed watching that!

A kite run down  from PSC 10 to St Tudwals in light winds, was reasonably straight forward with just two gybes and it was enjoyable for us to be in close proximity of Pleione of Dee; great to have the company Derek! Now Pleine is a nice looking boat, self tacking Jib, assymetric on a furler, all lines  lead back......I'm sure they had a three course meal at some point!  I caught Jo downloading the Selden catalogue later on!

The Results are Published here

And the race reports here