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ISORA is proud to support the Round Ireland Record attempt - 13th October 2020

Good luck to the team


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“Rockabill VI” is ISORA Irish Offshore Champion while “Mojito” is the ISORA UK / Welsh Offshore Champion.

In these strange times and in the absence of the Overall Championship, The Wolf’s Head, we have two offshore champions. As government regulations prevented any traditional cross channel offshore races, two separate series were run on each side of the Irish Sea. A total of 16 races were run, 8 on each side. As there was no mixing of the fleet, the Wolf’s Head trophy for the overall ISORA champion was withdrawn.


On the Irish side the currant offshore champion for 2019, Paul O’Higgins and “Rockabill VI” beat off competition from Andrew Algeo’s “Juggerknot 2” and Chris Power-Smith’s “Aurelia” to take the ISORA Irish Championship 2020. On the UK side, Peter Dunlop’s “Mojito” took the ISORA UK / Welsh Offshore Championship 2020.

Each side also had a coastal series consisting of four races. On the Irish side the Viking Marine Coastal Series was won by “Rockabill VI”. On the UK /Welsh side “Mojito” also took the Global Display Coastal Series.


Silver Class was won by.

Class 1 was won by Andrew Algeo’s “Juggerknot2” and Class 2 was won by Grzegorz Kalinecki’s “More Mischief”.

In normal times, the prizegiving is part of the famous ISORA AGM & Dinner that takes place in the National Yacht Club in November. At this stage , it is unlikely that the Covid regulations will allow this gathering to take place. An alternative event, equally enjoyable, will be planned!!!

There is an article and great photos on here

The results up to and including the night race in Ireland on 14th August are published including overall and silver class series results here

The rport on the Night Race can be read on the web site here

Read the Back to Boating Protocol here 

RealBoats2020The next race in the ISORA 2020 re-boot series is the first scheduled qualifying offshore race.

The Race Management Committee has been working hard with the Governing Bodies and other agencies in Ireland and Wales to see how this race could be run in compliance with all current regulations and, of course, in accordance with our own 'back to racing protocol'.

Differences between the regulations on either side of the Irish Sea with differences in crew number limitations, port access and difficulties with overnight stays onboard have all conspired to make it impossible to run a qualifying race which is equitable and equally available to all competitors.

The Race Management Committee has therefore decided that there will be two offshore qualifying races on Saturday 1st August: one in Ireland and one in Wales.

The remaining races will follow the same schedule of races previously published, however, the format and date of the race scheduled for Monday 17th August will be reviewed and details will be published next week.

Our racing will only take place if conditions allow for a safe competition for all and that we are not placing any risk on others.

ISORA racing in these difficult times is possible because of our investment in technologies which allow remote desk-top race management. The course for both races will be issued before 1200hrs on Friday 31st July and both races can be viewed on the ISORA YB Tracker.

INSS is running a Special Pre-Round Ireland Sea Survival Course on Sunday 26th July - more details here

inss SeaSurvivalCourse


Including overall series tables for IRC


ISORA is now all set for the first coastal race of the Re-Boot Program of Races

The first race in the 12 race series is on Saturday 4th July.

This is also the first race in the Viking Marine Irish Coastal Series of four Races

Competitors should be familiar with the following documents:

Re-Boot General Sailing Instructions for 2020 (SIs) these are published – see here

Supplemental Sailing Instructions For Race 1 (SSIs) – see here

ISORA Back to Boating Protocol Version 8a  – available here

Entry Form is now available – see here

See who has already entered - here – 10 entries so far!

Re-Boot Program Published – see here

Calendar updated to show all re-boot races see calendar here

The race can be followed on our YB race tracker here

The course for Race 1 will be published on the ISORA web site before 12.00hrs on Friday 3rd July and will be circulated by e-mail

Please make sure you have registered to receive the e-newsletters with race information by subscribing here

The ISORA: Back to Boating Protocol is now published.

The document is a live working document and the intention of the Race Management team is to update it as and when restrictions are relaxed/changed in the various territorial waters relevant to each race.

The objective is to get us back racing at the earliest possible opportunity but only if we can do so safely and within all relevant guidelines and regulations.





BackToBoatingProtocolISORA is working on a the 'Back to Boating Protocol' that will allow coastal racing to begin after 29th June. This hinges strongly on the 2m distancing being reduced.

Irrespective, racing will be provided for 2-handed and family pods. It will be issued early this week.

It is proposed that all starts and finishes would be done using the trackers eliminating any need for committee boats etc.

ISORA will at all times comply with the recommendations and guidlines issued by Irish Sailing, RYA and RYA Cymru Wales.

With the anticipated easing of restrictions, the Race Committee is working on a new re-boot programme with a view of publishing by the weekend


It is with sadness we report the passing of Bruce Lyster an ISORA Champion

Bruce successfully campaigned 1/2 tonner Swuzzelbubble and won the Overall ISORA championship and the coveted Wolf's Head in 1980 and was also a winner in Cowes in the same year.

Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends



SwuzzlebubbleSwuzzlebubble in Dublin Bay

ISORA Logo NewSmallerISORA have postponed the first two offshore races in the 2020 series.

These two races are the offshor races scheduled for 2nd May and 23rd May

This follows the advice of our Governing bodies, RYA and IS and ISORA understands the need to keep everyone safe.

The e-newsletter circulated on Sunday 26th  April can be seen here

The Race Management Committee is looking at opportunities, with our partners, for rescheduling postponed races and considering the consequences of cancelled races. 

Suggestions and ideas from Skippers and crew welcomed. These can be sent by return e-mail to: ISORA Hon. Sec This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The first four races in the 2020 series have been postponed this includes the first two offshore races.

The ISORA Race Committee have been looking at reshaping the series and Chairman Peter Ryan said 'we are committed to running a full series in 2020 by providing the offshore racing requested by competitors. To achieve this, we will continue to listen to suggestions and consider all options. We will introduce all of the cutting-edge technologies to achieve this'

There is, however, a lot of speculation about when the lock-down restrictions will be eased or lifted, what form of social distancing will be imposed and for how long these will last. We then need to consider the impact these restrictions will have on sailing and offshore racing. We are, of course, reliant on the advice given by our National Governing Bodies RYA & IS. Whilst considering options the safety of our competitor and those who support us is of paramount importance.

ISORA does, however, have the ability to be very flexible in setting a revised programme and will react very quickly when there is clarity in what will be allowed.

We have looked at a number of options in what may be a very crowded calendar for late summer and autumn. In considering options we are conscious that ISORA has always provided the races required to qualify for the round Ireland Race and we hope to provide this again this year. The new date for RI is 22nd August. We also want to support other established Championships and Regattas, such as the Wave Regatta 11th - 13th September and the IRC Welsh National Championship 14th to 16th August. The ISORA-organised 160-mile Dublin Bay to Cork Harbour Race is also in the mix with a proposed start date of 31st July.

We have set out, in the following document the latest proposal for the revised 2020 ISORA Series.

Suggestions and ideas from Skippers and crew welcomed. These can be sent by return e-mail to: ISORA Hon. Sec This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Below is a copy of the e-newsletter distributed to all ISORA subscribers - it can be read as a e-newsletter format here

Please subscribe to receive the next update here

ISORA Logo NewSmallerThis is the time of year that you are all usually rushing around with final touches to your boats and kit. New sailing boots being tested, dusting down the fenders and mooring lines. Bottoms clean and polished (boats bottom that is) and all boat checks completed. Visits to the chandlery for the hundred and one tweaks that you had planned at the end of last year and only now completing! Crew planning complete and race schedules set in everyone's diaries. You are ready!

At this time of year we have the admin side of ISORA sorted with race schedule published, Sailing Instructions ( SIs) and Supplemental Sailing Instructions (SSIs) published, new diary of events published, entry form published, competitor list published, Race results system published and this new e-mail newsletter system completed. ISORA is ready!

Last year we were wondering if BREXIT would disrupt our cross channel sailing and worrying about the amount of racing in a crowded calendar - and the comments in the club houses on both sides of the Irish sea ' can we possibly do all those races, regattas and championships!

Not in anyone's wildest nightmares would our risk register include disruption to sailing because of a virus!

Yet, here we are 'locked-down' or 'locked-in' Isolated but hopefully not lonely. Distracted from real sailing and bored with virtual sailing. Fed up of TV, Netflix and Sky but amused by the new entertainment offering on WhatsApp, text and e-mail (keep the jokes coming!).

What we can and must do is continue to hope for the best and plan for the worst. So, in best seaman manner batten down the hatches and weather the storm, survive and return to the homeward downwind run under blue skies!

We, of course, respect the advice given by Governments and our Governing Bodies (RYA and IS), the resulting decisions taken to cancel or postpone sailing and other events. We understand the need to keep everyone safe and want to play our part to minimize the spread of this virus.

RealBoats2020It is therefore with regret that ISORA has announced the postponements of the first 2 races

  • Race 1 - Welsh Coastal Race - Postponed
  • Race 2 - Irish Coastal Race - Postponed

We will contact you again shortly about the first and second cross channel races (races 3 & 4). To cancel these will have an impact on our Sailing Instructions in respect of the number of qualifying races. Postponements require planning of alternative dates and venues. The ISORA Race management Team is now considering options for the Sailing Committee to consider.

For now, please keep safe and we hope that we can see you racing later in the year.

Hwyl - Kind regards


Stephen Tudor
HON. Secretary ISORA

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