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VikingMarine300x150Chairman’s Report on Race 1 – ISORA Viking Marine Coastal Series 2017 Dun Laoghaire to Wicklow
37 Boats Race in ISORA Day Races
23rd April 2017.

The first race of the Overall ISORA Avery Crest Offshore Championship 2017 was also the first race in the ISORA Viking Marine Coastal Series 2017 and the Royal Alfred Coastal Series 2017. The weather forecast for the race was for little or no wind leaving a very difficult task for the Sailing Committee to set the course.

ISORA will score the 2017 race series with ECHO rating system


ECHO is a performance based handicapping system administered by the Irish Sailing Association (ISA), the governing Body for the Sport of Boating in Ireland.

ECHO can be very simply summed up as a system that ranks boats in any fleet from fastest to slowest [or vice versa] and handicaps them accordingly. A boat with a higher average speed should always have a higher handicap than a boat with a lower average speed, or, which is the same thing, a boat should not have a lower handicap than a boat that regularly finishes behind it - on the water.

This principle is explained in greater detail in the document here. It answers the basic questions about the nature of ECHO and also explains the difference in approach between ECHO and IRC.

ISORA Chairman, Peter Ryan, explained that 'ECHO compliments the ISORA ethos of running many race results out of the same race. All boats will be dual-scored under IRC and ECHO'




The latest Results for Race No. 3 are published here... see the race tracks again here

Amendment No. 1 Class splits

The Class split for the 2017 ISORA Series will be as follows

  • IRC 0 = 1.030 or greater. Class 0
  • IRC 1 = 1.000 to 1.029. Class 1
  • IRC 2 = 0.999 or less.  Class 2

Amendment 4 : Group 3 Sailors

The 'Group 3' sailors are redefined as 'ISORA Group 3' - Group 3 sailors are persons who are paid to sail on boats competing in an ISORA race (reasonable expenses allowed. This amends the 'ISORA 2017 Notice of Race and General Conditions'

Explanation: Following the instructions received at the AGM on this matter and in keeping with the Spirit of ISORA,  the definition provided by World Sailing for Group 3 has been considered by most skippers to be overly onerous and potentially detrimental to the growth and advancement of ISORA.

National Yacht Club Wednesday 19th April at 19.30 in JB Room.
Speakers - Prof O'Connell North Sails
Kenneth Rumball - Irish National Sailing School
Reception after
Essential for all skippers and crew doing the race. A great opportunity for potential crew to meet skippers
All welcome
See you there

Follow this link here for a A QUICK OVERVIEW of the SIGNIFICANT RULE and GAME CHANGES  in the 2017-2020 RACING RULES OF SAILING by Dave Perry excerpted from Dave Perry’s Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing through 2020 available from the US Sailing Store (www.ussailing.org or 1-800 US SAIL-1)


Now that the days are getting longer it is time to think about sailing. We have a great race schedule for 2017 that combines with many top class regattas. Details can be found on the ISORA website.

Global300x150Two significant events took place over the winter. The first is that Global Displays Ltd generously provided 10 new YellowBrick tracker units to ISORA. They are to be used for the Coastal Races that take place on the Welsh side. This now means that ALL ISORA races will be tracked using this technology.

The second is that we will be using “Progressive ECHO” rating in all races this season. It is hoped that this performance based rating will produce a greater spread in the results and prizes. Much work has been done with the help of Denis Kiely to re-run all last season’s results under the ECHO rating to ensure that those boats who have not used ECHO in the past will have their appropriate performance handicap isa logo bigfor the first race, based on their last year’s ISORA performance.

Most boats in Ireland would have an ECHO rating issued with their IRC Rating for the Irish Sailing Association (ISA). To encourage UK boats to take part in the ECHO rating, ISORA have negotiated an initial fee for the ECHO rating of €10 for those UK boats competing in ISORA. Applications for the ECHO rating should be made through ISORA.

One of the highlights of the season will be the D2D Race on the 14th June. The official launch of this race is on the 4th April in the NYC. All ISORA sailors are very welcome to attend. NorthSailis

Our Pre-Season Talk and Reception takes place in the NYC on the 19th April at 19.30. The theme of the talk with be “Preparation and Navigation for the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle (D2D) Race. Maurice “Prof” O’Connell (North Sails) will give a talk. This will be of huge interest for anyone considering taking part in this race. It will also a great social occasion where Skippers and Crew get together at the start of the season. Also attending will be people looking for positions on offshore boats in 2017.

The following is an article in the Irish Times by David Branigan

Evidence of a continued resurgence in offshore racing will not be in short supply this season as a new trend appears to suggest a trend away from short inshore races and regattas. Fixture list congestion could also be linked to the dropping numbers in the latter.Offshore races involving overnight and sometimes weekend commitments seem to be returning to vogue having previously been dismissed as too time-consuming for crews with limited free time.

Long legs up sections of coast requiring crews to “sit-out” were often seen as pointless compared to technically “pure” windward-leeward type courses.

Arguments that offshore racing involved more seamanship as well as valuable delivery miles gained little popular support. More recently however, the biennial Royal Ocean Racing Club’s (RORC) Rolex Fastnet Race has seen a capacity entry received in record time.

Great News - ISORA is on Twitter - ISORAracing - Please Follow ! Here

CoastguardVHFThe Maritime and Coastguard Agency has given early notification to Boat owners, shipping companies and anyone who puts out to sea about a change in some of the VHF channel numbers used to contact UK Coastguard.

As a result of the changes VHF channels 23, 84 and 86 will no longer be used for either Maritime Safety Information (MSI) or Radio Medical Advice.
The channels to use from September 2017 will be VHF 62, 63 and 64. The use of VHF Channel 10 for MSI and pollution control (back up) is unchanged.
Further information here

Three ISORA sailors received awards in the Volvo ISA Sailor of the Year Ceremony in the RDS Dublin on Friday evening 27th January

Howth YC sailors Conor Fogerty for his global exploits on BAM and Dave Cullen on J/109 Euro Car Parks for the Class Win in the 2016 Round Ireland Race. The third was the 2016 ISORA Champion - Stephen Tudor

Read Winkie Nixon's article on the Award Ceremony in Afloat here

AwardCeremonyConorF1a600Conor Fogerty was AFLOAT Sailor of the Month in February in recognition of his  IRC 3 overall win in the RORC Caribbean 600 at Antigua - more here
Conor's Award read: The very thought of the annual RORC Caribbean 600 relieves the February gloom, and 2016’s was vintage, with Conor Fogerty of Howth YC doing it as part of his Atlantic circuit voyage with his new Jeanneau Sunfast 3600 Bam! His superb overall win in Class 3 was a tonic for the folks at home.
AwardCeremonyDaveCullen1x600Dave Cullen was AFLOAT Sailor of the Month in June and his Award read:

With so many visiting super-boats, it was quite something to get into the frame in any division, and only one Irish boat actually won her class.

This was the J/109 Euro Car Parks skippered by Dave Cullen of Howth, coming from behind to be outright winner of Class 3 after a very closely-fought race. You can read more about Dave's Roud Ireland Race here .

AwardCeremonyStephenT1a600Stephen Tudor was AFLOAT Sailor of the Month in September following the last race of the 2016 ISORA series when he and the Sgrech team won the 2016 series. - more here

Stephen's  award read : The Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association is in a healthy growth phase these days, and a key player is Stephen Tudor of Pwllheli in North Wales, where has also done much to re-vitalise his home port. Thus his overall win of the 2016 ISORA Championship in the final race of the season was hugely popular on both sides of the channel.

Stephen said 'It was a great honour to receive the ISA Sailor of the Month award in September 2016 following the ISORA overall win. To be nominated for the ISA Sailor of the Year Award was truly amazing. I was flattered by the support shown in the voting in AFLOAT and to receive an award in the #Volvo ISA Sailor of The Year Award Ceremony amongst so many distinguished sailors was a humbling experience.

DSC01493ISORA is delighted to announce Global Displays Ltd as a sponsor of the Welsh Coastal Series, part of the ISORA overall series in 2017.

Global Display have provided ISORA with an additional 10 Yellow Brick trackers to enable races on both sides of the Irish Sea to benefit from competitors using YB. This is great news for both competitors and shore based supporters, but crucially enables the ISORA race management committee to set courses using virtual waypoints and remote finish/start lines.

Global300x150Richard Cook, an experienced offshore sailor and managing director of Global Displays (www.globaldisplays.co.uk) commented "Global Displays is delighted to be associated with ISORA and its use of YB trackers for innovative race management"

The trackers will be used in the three Coastal Races in Pwllheli starting with the Pwllheli Castel Race on 22nd April, the Coastal Night Race in Tremadog Bay on 18th August and the last Coastal Race from Pwllheli on Saturday 26th August. The trackers will be distributed to competitors on a first come basis.

ISORA now has 35 YB Trackers and now has sufficient capacity to track the growing fleet of competitors in all of the Cross Channel Races.


ISORA Logo NewSmallerThe 2017 ISORA Entry Form is available here 

Please complete the entry form at your earliest convenience.


There is a very useful section on the ISORA web page on 'Safety Considerations and Supporting Documents' - please check it out and become familiar with the requirements for offshore racing.

Did you know that there was a significant change in the RORC Prescriptions to the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2016? This states that a combined harness and lifejacket shall be worn when on deck: 
a) between the hours of sunset and sunrise;  b) when alone on deck;  c) when reefed;  d) when the true wind speed is 25 knots or above and e) when the visibility is less than 1 nautical mile 
Also at night each crew member shall carry a waterproof torch/light.

Check out the rest of the requirements here or please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you want any assistance


FlaresISORA has received an enquiry from a competitor about the use of electronic flares (LED and/or Laser) for our offshore racing Category 3 and Category 3+ liferaft

We note that there is no mention of them in ‘World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations - January 2016- December 2017’

ISORA is making enquiries with RORC about this issue and we will puplish the response here.

The response from RORC is that electronic flares are not allowed. There have been discussions about the use of electronic flares, they are being considered but not in the short term and there is a long way to go in setting acceptable standards and acceptance by SAR (Search and Rescue). ISORA will let you know if the situation changes but for now continue as usual and plesase check the dates on your flares!