ISORA provides owners and crew an opportunity to race offshore in a friendly, family atmosphere. Racing is always competitive but there is always a great emphasis on safety which starts with an understanding of the risks involved in offshore racing and the constant need to be aware of changing conditions and a total respect for the elements is essential to enjoying our sport in safety.

We expect competitors to race responsibly and make appropriate provision for the safety of crews and boats, and maintain equipment carefully.

All ISORA competitors will abide by the following:

  • WorldSailingThe 'Rules' (World Sailing - Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 - 2024) here and
  • World Sailing Special Offshore Rules 2020-2021 - here and (some key changes here)
  • The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (also known as COLREG here further information on COLREGs available on the RYA web-site here

Competitors should be familiar with and abide by the rules set out in the ISORA Racing Documents as follows:

Inshore and Coastal races will be subject to the rules set out by 'World Sailing' Category 4. The Offshore races are generally subject to 'World Sailing' Category 3 compliance with Liferaft (3+). Longer RORC races such as the Round Ireland Race will be Category 2. The relevant Category for each race will be made clear in the Supplemental Sailing Instructions for that race.

World Sailing describe the conditions for each Category as follows:-


WorldSailingTo check what you require for each race please refer to the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2020 - 2021(these are valid until December 2021. Here.

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (definition and requirements of Category 4, Category 3 and Category 3 plus Life Raft )

Click here to download the WS -OSR Category 3 (with liferaft) Checklist

Supporting documents:

Page updated 18th October 2020


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The Association is run by volunteers for the benefit of competitors by working in partnership with boat owners, crew, yacht and sailing clubs, other associations and the governing bodies for boating in Ireland, Wales and the UK.