Race 10, the last Dun Laoghaire Day Race and run in conjunction with the Royal Alfred Yacht Club, took place on Saturday 31st August. The course was to be to the M2 weather buoy and back but the weather forecast of very light winds forces the Sailing Committee to review this. The forecast was for 10-15 knots Northwest decreasing 5-10 and backing to West. It was agreed that the course would be shorter and would send the fleet south on the tide to Moulditch and East Codling returning to Mugllins. After Muglins there was an option that the fleet could ten head out to South Burford and back to Muglins before finishing.

The weather forecast was somewhat correct but that did not appear to be the case as RAYC Commodore, Barry MacNeaney, sent the fleet of 17 boats speeding out of Dublin Bay under spinnaker in 20 knots of breeze with the first boats arriving at Moulditch after just over a hour!!! It was looking like an early shower for everyone. “Tsunami” was first around with “Jedi”, “Lula Bella” and “Adelie” close behind. Then the weather forecast took its toll as the first boats approached East Codling – the wind dropped. Just as all the boats rounded in the buoy in the last of the south going tide, the wind disappeared altogether.

As the fleet wallowed in the lop, “Jedi” managed to make some short progress north in the now north going tide. After an hour, wind appeared to be filling slowly in from both the north west and the south!!. “Jedi” caught the first of the north west wind and accelerated off towards the Muglins while the remainder of the fleet fumbled around, some setting spinnaker for the fickle south wind. “Jedi” was a distant dot when the north west wind finally got to all the fleet. The wind appeared to settle at a pleasant 10 knots until the well bunched fleet were off Bray Head. All of a sudden the 10 knot wind became 20-25 knots and boats were sent scrambling to reduce sail. This wind held for the remainder of the race.

Nothing would have caught “Jedi” at that stage as it approached the finish line. Then a potential disaster for “Jedi” was averted when their forestay broke and the rig was only supported by the jib halyard tension. Quick thinking and the rapid use of the spinnaker halyards prevented the rig from collapsing. With this jury rig, “Jedi” limped across the finish line to take line honours, Class 1 and the overall race. Next to cross the line, 31 minutes behind was “Tsunami” who only managed a 2nd in Class 1. The remainder of the fleet was well bunched and the last boat crossed the finish just one hour 50 minutes after “Jedi”.

The bunching of the fleet at East Codling allowed the lower rated boats to take command. ISORA newcomers “Rupert” and “Sunburn” took 2nd and 3rd place overall and 1st and 2nd in Class 2. A Sigma race within a race was organised with “Rupert” taking 1st, “Pippa 4” and “Elandra” taking to other places. See below for full results. The finishers were Kathryn Meagan and Michael Horgan from the NYC.

The race was recorded using the PredictWind Tracker app for iPhones and other smart phones. Unfortunately only 6 boats activated this essentially free facility. The track for the race can be viewed on the app and also in the website at http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/race/ISORA . This is a great facility and allows those not privileged to take part in the ISORA race to follow it and those that did, to relive their mistakes!! I strongly urge, request and beseech all boats to avail of this great facility and activate it for the last race. The app is freely available “PredictWind Tracker”. As the race is a cross channel race, data roaming is required on the phone being used.

Following immediately after this race is the last race of the series next weekend from Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire. This is a crucial race and the overall winner of the ISORA lynx metmAsts 2013 Offshore Series and the coveted “Wolf’s Head” will be decided. It is hoped that the biggest fleet of the season will collect in Pwllheli for the popular race. The pre-race social in Pwllheli for this event is legendary!!!

A complimentary ISORA lynx metmAsts Crew Bus will be available to bring crew from Holyhead to Pwllheli. It will meet the 13.30 HSS and 14.30 Swift on Friday 6th September. Crew taking advantage of this concession must contact me ASAP.

Looking forward to seeing all the ISORA boats in Pwllheli next Friday evening.

Results of Race 10:
Race 10 Overall
Race 10 Class 1
Race 10 Class 2
Race 10 Silver

Results leading into the final race:
After Race 10 OVERALL
After Race 10 Class 1 With All Races
After Race 10 Class 2 With All Races
After Race 10 Silver with All Races
After Race 10 Overall With All Races


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