I attach the results of the Race 5 – D2D. I also attach the Series positions after five races (without discards!!). I am sure the positions will alter when discards are applied. I will prepare a report on the D2D race and issue it shortly.

The next race is on the 5th July, the Lyver Race from Holyhead to Howth – Fastnet qualifier. This starts on Friday evening. All boats should also enter the race through Liverpool Yacht Club website www.lyc.org.uk

 This race is a feeder race to the Dun Laoghaire regatta that promises to be a great sailing and social event. If you have not already entered I encourage you to enter the new innovative “Coastal Series” part of the event. This will consist of one race each with long legs – same start and finish times as all other classes but better sailing.

(Results files are in .htm format)

D2D Race Results:

Race 5 Overall
Race 5 Class1
Race 5 Class 2
Race 5 Silver Fleet

lynx metmAsts ISORA Offshore Series 2013 - Results after 5 races:

After 5 Races Overall
After 5 Races Class 1
After 5 Races Silver Fleet 

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