Friday 8th June - Liverpool to IOM - Midnight Race Weighting 1.2

The SIs are available on the Liverpool Yacht Club Web site

This race is two races in one. Usual ISORA class splits, safety etc apply to ISORA race.
Boats are encouraged to enter the LYC Race by completing the entry form and submitting to LYC on arrival.
Entry fee £30

For the skippers:

YB trackers will be allocated at Liverpool Yacht Club at 17:30 by Mark Thompson.
For those boats just entered in Race 7 (midnight race) please return “deactivated” to Chris Power-Smith (Aurelia) in the IOM
For those entered in Race 8, please retain your tracker, and hand back to Peter Ryan in the NYC after racing.
Those boats just entered in Race 8 can collect trackers from Chris.
It is recommended that trackers are “deactivated” after race 7 and “reactivated” before race 8. If left “activated”, they must be left above deck or the battery will discharge whilst searching for satellites.
To “Activate” - hold the centre button for 1-2 secs, the screen will change to the active working screen as per image

To “Deactivate” - scroll down with bottom key to the legend “deactivate” and press ok button. It will ask you to confirm
It is recommended you “activate” the tracker 1 hour before racing and check your boat name is on-line and showing on the YB app, for the relevant race.
If you do not appear on the YB tracker we will not get a fnish time!