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21st April 2018 - Warning signal 10.30

The Course has been announced as follows:

Start (PSC Bridge as defined in the SIs)
PSC 10 (s) - 52º 53.375'N 04º 20.913'W
Causeway (s) - 52º 41.210'N 04º 25.330'W
St Tudwal Islands (S) as defined in the PSC Course card 'A' (see hereAmendment - remove Tudwal Island from the course (0822hrs 21st April)
PSC 3 (s) -  52º 51.750'N 04º 25.700'W
Finish (Plas Heli line as defined in the SIs)


The Notice of Race and Supplemental Instructions are published here – the course will be announced on Thursday 19th April.

This race is Race No. 2 in the ISORA 2018 series, the first race of the ISORA “Global Displays Coastal Series” and is also a CHPSC Castle Race” as part of the Spring Series!! So many races within the same race.

We are informed that there is a great forecast so should be a good day!

The following was a message sent out to potential competitors on the Facebook page by Mark Thompson who is responsible for the ISORA YB trackers :

“In order to manage the YB trackers, I would be grateful if  those intending to compete, enter at as soon as possible. For those entering the club race only, then a YB tracker will not be required, entry details at “

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