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The following have registered an entry for one or more races in the 2015 ISORA Avery Crest Race Series



ISORA 2015 IRC 1 = 1.010 or greater (to be confirmed). Class 1 Silver Fleet = Hull Factor 7.8 or less and DLR 220 or greater Class 2 Silver Fleet = Hull Factor 7.8 or less and DLR 200 or greater. Series scored using the High Scoring System, the more difficult races are weighted with a factor of 1.3 for cross channel Races over 80 miles. 1.2 for cross channel races less than 75 miles, 1.1 for the Night Race and 0.9 for a day coastal races. A win in a large fleet will score better than a win in a small fleet using the CHIPS 3 formula.

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