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The results for Race 3 - Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead are available here

Congratulations Lee Overlay

A replay of the tracker can be seen here

Dear Supporters

As you are aware our main sponsor for this season, Avery Crest, have donated 20 YB trackers to ISORA. This will enable the boats taking part in each race to be tracked on websites and on smart phone apps for greater exposure of ISORA and offshore racing. This is a unique facility and will attract greater media and public attention. The system is used in all the best offshore races such as the Round Ireland, Fastnet, Middle Sea Race etc. For more information on the YB trackers see: https://www.ybtracking.com/

To date ISORA has been run on a voluntary basis with entries covering the prizes and other minimal expenses. With the use of the YB trackers ISORA now have an additional cost to cover the set up of each race by YellowBrick, line rental and data for each of the tracker units. This will amount to approximately £750 (€1,000) for each race.

The opportunity of being given the trackers only arose after the race entry fee for the year were set so we were unable to increase the race entries to cover the running of the trackers. Next year we intend to increase the race entry cost to cover the use of the trackers. To offset this cost this year we are asking supporters of the ISORA to sponsor a race or make a donation to help meet these additional costs. The benefits of such a sponsorship are outlined on the attached document

I am asking you if you or your company could sponsor a race this year. If not, do you have any contacts on companies who might be interested in this sponsorship.

I would be happy to discuss any proposals you might have for this sponsorship.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest.






The results for the Avery Crest ISORA Race 1 & 2 - are available here




The following have registered an entry for one or more races in the 2015 ISORA Avery Crest Race Series



ISORA 2015 IRC 1 = 1.010 or greater (to be confirmed). Class 1 Silver Fleet = Hull Factor 7.8 or less and DLR 220 or greater Class 2 Silver Fleet = Hull Factor 7.8 or less and DLR 200 or greater. Series scored using the High Scoring System, the more difficult races are weighted with a factor of 1.3 for cross channel Races over 80 miles. 1.2 for cross channel races less than 75 miles, 1.1 for the Night Race and 0.9 for a day coastal races. A win in a large fleet will score better than a win in a small fleet using the CHIPS 3 formula.

Produced by Sailwave Scoring Software 2.16.7

Avery Crest Ski sponsor YB tracking system for ISORA

ISORA, organisers of offshore racing in the Irish Sea, with support from sponsors Avery Crest Ski is pleased to announce a breakthrough and significant advancement in making offshore racing visible as a spectator sport. Avery Crest Ski operate luxury ski chalets in Meribel France one of the best ski areas in the world.

ISORA have teamed up with the market leaders in tracking yacht racing, YB Tracking ‘Yellow Brick’, to provide tracking of all of the Irish Sea offshore races in 2015. YB Tracking are responsible for tracking most of the classic and high profile offshore races all over the world.



ISORA Chairman, Peter Ryan said “I am delighted that the ‘ISORA Avery Crest Ski Offshore Series 2015’ can now be followed by our supporters at their yacht clubs, on a computer or even on their smart phones. Spectators will now be able to appreciate our experiences as we race in challenging conditions in keenly fought races as we cross the Irish Sea. This device will also provide us with additional safety information. “

YBlogoEach competing boat will be fitted with a device that will transmit, by satellite, critical boat data including boat speed and position. Followers will provided with a visual representation of the race on a computer generated chart with ‘leader board’ and league table. The tracking will be displayed live on the ISORA web site, www.isora.org and will also be available to replay later after the race.

An ISORA pre-season talk and reception has been arranged for Friday 17th April at 1930hrs in the National Yacht Club, Dún Laoghaire. 

Liam Coyne will talk about preparing for short handed offshore racing and Ed Hill of North Sails will talk about Offshore Tactics & Weather forecasts.

There will be a wine reception after.

All Welcome.


Dear ISORA competitors,

The National Yacht Club is proud to launch the official website of its biennial  offshore race, the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race on www.d2drace.ie

On this website, you will find a wealth of information such as:

  • The history of past winners
  • A recap of the last edition…full results, beautiful pictures, the full race replay from the trackers
  • The official documents (NOR, Safety checklist etc etc) for 2015!
  • The online entry facility and list of competitors for 2015!
  • Great ways to follow the race (Afloat news, twitter, trackers for 2015 including on mobile phone application!)
  • Facilities to post crew wanted / available posts, car sharing ads, all sort of great practical info and tools!

The National Yacht Club’s Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race now has a new home!!!

I hope that you will find the website useful and I invite you to give me your feedback…


Hope to see many of you on the start line on Friday 12th June at 21:00

Best regards

Olivier Prouveur
Sailing Manager
National Yacht Club
Dun Laoghaire
Tel: +353 1 280 5725
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richardson of Holyhead, who died last month aged 89, played a key role in the Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association during the Golden Age of distance racing in the area during the 1970s. Yet although he was best known as one of the moving spirits in the formation of ISORA in 1971, there was much more to him than this.

Read More on the Afloat web site here

The offshore racing in the Irish Sea just gets better and by working in partnership with our supporting clubs a great series of races has been designed for 2015 to provide something for everyone’s taste.
We have shorter offshore day and night races on both sides of the Irish Sea. A series of traditional ISORA races and we have also combined with classic races including the Liverpool Yacht Club Lyver Trophy race, in association with Royal Dee Yacht Club and RORC, and the D2D Dún Laoghaire to Dingle 270 mile race.
All races are standalone races with good competition for IRC Class 1 and Class 2 boats. We also cater for the cruiser yachts in the keenly contested Silver Fleet and for the brave a two handed class.

There is a great article in the Irish Times about the fantastic Ruth win in the ISORA 2014 series culminating in the AGM and Prize Giving Party on 15th November.


Read the full article here.

ISORA Dinner at the NYC 15th November 2014.

ISORA held its annual Prize giving dinner dance at the NYC on Saturday 15th November. 171 members and guests packed into the dining room of the club to be treated to a most superb night’s dining and entertainment.

ISORA’s guests at the event were Larry Power, Commodore of the National Yacht Club, Derek Matthews, Commodore of the Royal Dee Yacht Club and Barry MacNeaney, Commodore of the Royal Alfred Yacht Club.

The ISORA annual general meeting (AGM) is on 15th November at 15.00 at the National Yacht Club Dún Laoghaire

The Agenda is available here and the Draft 2015 Race Schedule as a discussion document for the AGM is available here

Items for AOB to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Yacht Club – Wednesday 12th November at 20.30 – All Welcome

The National Yacht Club and ISORA are thrilled to announce that Liam Coyne, Co-Skipper of “Lula Belle” will give his talk in the National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire on the 12th November at 20.30. All are welcome to attend this unique presentation.

The “Dynamic Duo” of Liam Coyne and Brian Flahive came together for only one race in the season of 2014. They had sailed two-handed together for many years taking an active part in ISORA and also competing in the D2D, Round Ireland and the Fastnet races.

In the early 1900’s a young 29 year old Corsican perfumer starting out in Paris was having little success in breaking into what was then an elite market. Not willing to accept his initial lack of success, Francois Coty pulled off a master stroke by accidentally “spilling” a bottle of his maiden scent “La Rose Jacqueminot” just inside the door and all along the floor in a trail to the perfume counter in the Parisian department store Les Grands Magasins du Louvre. It proved to be a master stroke as, attracted by the scent, customers swarmed the perfume counter and his entire stock was sold out in a matter of minutes. It was the start of a business empire that today stands proudly as a global top five beauty company.

In a more simple world back then, devoid of spin doctors, marketeers, PR gurus and various assorted “makey uppy” titles for what essentially are very expensive commercial wafflers, Coty, who is credited with being the founder of the now multi billion dollar modern fragrance industry, came up with what nowadays would be described as a mission statement for his new business:

Give a woman the best product you can make. Market it in the perfect bottle – beautiful in its simplicity yet impeccable in taste. Ask a reasonable price for it and you will witness the birth of a business, the size of which the world has never seen”   Francois Coty – 1904.

“Ruth” – ISORA 2014 Champion

The overall championship was decided at the last race when Liam Shanahan’s “Ruth” crossed the finish line after the Hendrick Ryan + Associates “James Eadie” Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire race on the 6th September. Fifteen boats came to the start line in Pwllheli. Of the line-up, six of the boats were “J” boats and of them five were J109’s.

The winner of the Hendrick Ryan + Associates Race from Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire is Mojito

and the overall ISORA 2014 hampion is Ruth

The full results are available on the web site here